Justin Self 


This is where I'll tell you about the cool stuff I get to do in the shop that keeps me up till the early morning hours and gets me outta bed before the sun comes up...

I am a pretty simple guy and feel fortunate to have been able to turn an interest to a passion and, eventually, a skill to a working trade. My skills are self taught, and largely the result of the age old technique of trial and error with a stubborn will to master this trade. I enjoy the tools of old and new and feel there is much to be learned from the techniques of those craftsmen before us. My work is all of my design and made to order; I often develop my own tooling to adapt to individual projects and orders. My samples are malleable designs and I welcome the challenge of creating new pieces to fit the needs of my customers. My products are the result of a passion for metal craftsmanship and a nagging proclivity of attention to detail. Please inquire liberally.